1 Million Trees

In 2021 Perpetual Next will plant 1 million trees. Ready to join us?

The Carbon Cycle

Plants and trees absorb CO₂ and breathe out oxygen. Humans and animals breathe in oxygen and exhale CO₂. This is part of the short-term carbon cycle. The long-term carbon cycle is a process of millions of years. When plants and animals die, some of their organic remains are stored in the soil. This is how coal, oil and natural gas are formed in a long-term process. These natural carbon cycles provide a natural balance between the emission and storage of CO₂.

From the moment mankind started burning fossil fuels, there is more CO₂ in the atmosphere than is stored. We have broken the natural cycle and it is time to restore it.


1 million trees in 2021

In 2021 Perpetual Next will plant 1 million trees. We will do this on our own land and on land of landowners with whom we work, in the Netherlands and also in other European countries.

Through careful forest planting and good forest management we ensure that these new forests take CO₂ out of the air and capture it: Carbon Capture. In the future, we will expand this initiative further.

Connected to our food systems, the world can reduce emissions by 5.3 gigatons annually if it halts deforestation and restores degraded woodlands.

UN Environment Programme

Join us

Do you have good ideas, do you know beautiful projects or do you have other resources with which you want to contribute to our fight against climate change? Please let us know.