Delfzijl I

Making the chemical industry more sustainable

The Delfzijl I project will play a major role in making the chemical industry more sustainable. Perpetual Next is developing a large-scale project of 100 megawatts, scalable to 300 megawatts, for the production and distribution of syngas and for the extraction of green hydrogen for the chemical companies at Chemie Park Delfzijl.

In this, Perpetual Next collaborates with Groningen Seaports for the distribution of the green Syngas to chemical companies. Perpetual Next anticipates starting production in 2025.

Hydrogen does not need to be produced from fossil natural gas anymore.

Until now, hydrogen has been produced mainly from fossil natural gas and then used as a raw material in the production of numerous chemical products such as methanol, ethanol, ammonia and acetic acid. This project will replace about 50 million m3 of natural gas per year with syngas produced through carbonisation and gasification of low-grade, organic waste streams.