Biocoal on an industrial scale 

In Vägari, Estonia, a biocoal plant based on Perpetual Next's C-Vertr V technology has been under construction since 2020. A total of eight to ten reactors will be installed in the plant, capable of producing 160 kilotons of biocoal per year.

More about Vägari

Our Vägaria plant is the first plant in the world to produce biocoal by carbonisation on an industrial scale. Located in central Estonia, the innovative factory utilizes our patented carbonisation technology and produced the first high grade Perpetual Carbon in May 2021. 

In Vägari we use wood from suatainable forestry. This is low grade wood that cannot be used for production of products. Vägari follows strict regulations to ensure low grade waste is used. We only use sustainably sourced feedstock. 

The carbon has many applications: biocoal, gasification, fertilizers, but also as a feedstock for biofuels, pharmaceuticals and bioplastics. The biocoal has the similar properties as fossil coal and can serve as a substitute for fossil depending production industries like steel, cement, concrete and building

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