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Evolve your process from fossil carbon to renewable carbon

Perpetual Next Technologies, through its proprietary High Temperature Torrefaction technology, focuses on direct fossil carbon replacement in a wide variety of products and applications while making use of existing infrastructure and logistics.

This includes fossil carbon replacement in thermal conversion processes for the production of steel, cement and asphalt. We can apply the process also for progressively higher value applications such as chemical reduction and gasification to decarbonize industrial processes. Numerous advanced applications include the production of bio-chemicals and bio-plastics can be served.

What is High Temperature Torrefaction?

High Temperature Torrefaction is an innovative thermal technology that enables the transformation of low-cost sustainable organic residual streams into added value, refined carbon neutral/carbon dense products.

Torrefaction is a process more widely known as the conventional roasting treatment for coffee and cocoa. Many companies have experimented with heating organic waste in a low oxygen environment, but we have mastered torrefaction in such a way that it is consistent, efficient, high quality and safe.

During torrefaction, a renewable feedstock is heated in a low oxygen environment. Torrefaction can upgrade a wide variety of raw organic residual streams, such as woodchips from branches and waste wood, into a homogeneous source of renewable carbon. The resulting biochar can be subsequently densified into pellets for transport, depending on the application.

HTT reactor

Perpetual Carbon

Perpetual Carbon – the generic term for our torrefied biochar and pellets – has very similar properties to fossil coal. Our renewable carbon can partially or fully replace coal in the following industries and applications:

  • Thermal Conversion - Industrial process iron, steel and silicon  
  • Building Sector - Air de-contamination, pigment, facades, floors, interiors and infrastructures  
  • Chemical Reduction & Gasification - Industrial process cement, asphalt, industrial heating
  • Specialties - Activated carbon feedstock, textiles, pharma, wellness, etc.
  • Agriculture & Horticulture - Compost additive, soil/substrate, additive for soil improvement, remediation and sequestration

High Temperature (HTT) Reactor  

Perpetual Next has developed a unique High Temperature Torrefaction reactor that produces a sustainable replacement of fossil coal to a renewable alternative on an industrial scale. Our HTT4 Reactor is the first High Temperature Torrefaction reactor on the market. The reactor has the ability to be integrated smoothly in different kind of plant layouts. It takes advantage of local, underutilized waste or by-product feedstocks, changing the physical form of the waste into a homogeneous, multi-application, carbon neutral/carbon dense product. This way, you can produce your own high-quality renewable carbon from local organic waste.

The output of one single torrefaction line can produce up to 20,000 tonne per annum depending on the type of feedstock and product required. The HTT technology is available (partially) on license per product output and can be applied in a wide range of markets and applications.

Key benefits

  • Energy efficient, thermally self-sustaining
  • High continuous throughput
  • Designed for safety (inherently safe operation) and efficiency
  • Innovative torrefaction based on repurposed mature vibratory conveyor reactor technology
  • Minimal maintenance, services or spares required for core technology (high availability)
  • Highly engaged support team with over 6 years of operation experience in Derby UK
  • Can be manufactured, installed & commissioned in the US, EU & Asia
  • Compact modular design

More information on how to make your business more renewable with HTT?