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Sourcing and trading biobased commodities 

Perpetual Next’s Trading division plays an active service-oriented role throughout the entire biobased value-added chain. It taps into a wide variety of regional available low value organic waste, recovers valuable renewable raw materials and facilitates the transport, logistics and supply of high-quality biobased commodities. This ensures that sourcing and trading for Perpetual Next's own conversion plants, as well as for third parties in the market, is done in a seamless, complete, sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient manner.  


In the coming years Perpetual Next Trading will expand its position as a leading forest commodities supplier in the Netherlands, both within the Netherlands and internationally, while diversifying into new organic waste and residual feedstocks.    
New innovative technologies and conversion projects will thereby enable our Trading division to further expand geographically, to diversify its biobased outputs portfolio and its feedstock basis, while guaranteeing the secure, sustainable and economic feedstock supply for Perpetual’s conversion projects.

Forests represent one of our biggest natural allies against climate change.

Laura Duncanson, carbon storage researcher at NASA