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How much waste does your consumption cause?

More than you think...

Each year, Europe produces 120 million kilograms of food that is not eaten. This is caused by issues during production, limited shelf-life of products, or because we just throw it away at home.

Only a quarter of Europe's food waste is reused effectively. Perpetual Next uses the opportunity, together with its colleagues in the market, to repurpose the remaining 90 billion kilos of food waste as high-quality products. We do this by using the best technologies to make new products in our European production facilities.

Number 1 in Europe

By producing and exporting agricultural products worth a combined €94.5 billion in 2019, the Netherlands became the largest agricultural producer and exporter in Europe and the second largest in the world. As a result, we produce many organic residues in addition to fantastic products. This brings responsibilities with it. Perpetual Next will add to this leading role of the Netherlands by converting unused organic residues into high-quality products. This represents a chance for the Netherlands and Europe while also combating the unnecessary import or use of fossil raw materials.

As the Netherlands, we have a responsibility

Martijn van Rheenen, CEO

An infinite mission

Ensuring no organic waste in Europe is wasted, by giving all organic waste and residues a high quality destination – that's part of Perpetual Next's infinite mission.

Why? Because we are contributing to the transition to a more responsible use of the above-ground raw materials. Prevention of pollution and waste is an essential part of this.