Reforestation program

Perpetual Next plants 1 million trees

1 million trees

Part of the mission of Perpetual Next is to store CO₂ in order to combat climate change. Forests are one of our greatest natural allies against climate change and Perpetual Next therefore has the ambition to plant 1 million trees in a multi-year program.

In this mission Perpetual Next aspires to make a substantial contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) criteria and the sustainability goals of our business partners. See also our Sustainability page.


Perpetual Next aims to plant one million trees in its reforestation programme. After this, the programme will expand. The reforestation programme aims to increase biodiversity within Europe, both in a quantitative and qualitative sense.

The programme is aimed directly at ecological gain and is also expected to have an economic return. Through thinning, the forests will eventually be able to provide organic raw materials for upgrading to high-quality products. In addition, CO₂ storage will be guaranteed in the long term if, during regular forest maintenance, wood is used sustainably in wood processing (permanent CO₂ storage in furniture, floors, planks, etc.). In case of felling, during regular forest maintenance, two trees will be planted for each tree.

The programme focuses on Europe and in particular on all countries where Perpetual Next is active: the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland and Estonia.

Three initiatives

To achieve all this, three initiatives have been launched within the programme.

1. Land. This involves close cooperation with landowners whose land lends itself and is intended for biodiversity and forest planting. Perpetual Next itself currently has land positions in the Netherlands, Poland and Estonia.

2. Network of knowledge and expertise. In order to make the right choices in the program, a network has been built up and we work together with various organisations. Together we give substance to the program, together we carry it out.

3. Funding. Within the network, there are also co-investors, who do not so much contribute to the first two initiatives, but who do make the program possible in the form of a financial investment.