New Dutch company Perpetual Next:
 Against Waste, for Energy Transition

AMSTERDAM – Perpetual Next is a new company that aims to create value by – among other things – tackling part of the energy problem in a circular way. At the same time, Perpetual Next is combating waste, particularly residual organic waste streams. Albert Fischer has been appointed as CEO.

Perpetual Next was founded in June, 2019 by Dutch entrepreneurs with an international investment scope. The company provides access to predominantly institutional investors with long-term investment horizons in the field of sustainable energy and circular economy.

Perpetual: It’s no coincidence that the word has been included in the company name. Perpetual Next has in fact set itself the goal of resolving the issues as far as possible that are associated with the use of fossil fuels. It will therefore be investing heavily in various forms of sustainable, renewable energy, based on a circular approach. Perpetual Next is planning to make its first strategic acquisitions in the near future.

The Circular Approach

Circularity helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, on the one hand by recycling and reusing raw materials, and on the other by replacing fossil fuels with non-fossil alternatives. A circular economy looks more closely at the entire chain of the economic process, i.e. from mining the raw materials through to the waste disposal phase. Whereas the energy transition focuses above all on reducing direct emissions from combustion in the existing production and consumption processes (“measuring at the chimney”), the way the circular economy covers the entire chain means that a picture is also obtained of indirect greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental burdens.

The three segments that Perpetual Next anticipates investing in over the coming period are:

1. Technology – for creating renewable energy or renewable raw materials, or for upcycling waste streams.

2. Organic Residuals – suppliers of organic residual streams.

3. Heat & Power – suppliers of renewable heat and energy.

CEO: Albert Fischer

Albert Fischer (1957) has been appointed CEO of Perpetual Next. He has a doctorate in physics and can justifiably say he’s one of the pioneers in impact investment. So it’s not so surprising that he has over twenty years’ experience with sustainable venture capital. His motto – “Faster, better, cheaper, greener” – is undoubtedly going to come in handy at Perpetual Next.

And just like Perpetual Next, Fischer believes that sustainability can be encouraged by investing in innovative companies. Over the course of his career, he has already done that in 22 companies that focus on sustainability and clean energy, resulting in a number of successful exits.

Fischer’s activities involve venture capital in sustainable businesses for various companies. He led the independent technology fund Yellow&Blue, financed by Nuon/Vattenfall. In the role of CEO, he also took Plant Health Care plc to an IPO on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. Furthermore, he was a managing partner and co-founder of the venture development company Planet Capital, as well as being a partner in the venture capital fund Pymwymic/GreenPartners, Europe’s first investment company to focus on social and ecological sustainability. 

“Now that the need for the energy transition is no longer controversial,” says Albert Fischer. “Perpetual Next will concentrate on effective deployment of equity and investors in this area. But cleaner energy isn’t the only thing that’s important: combating the enormous wastage of raw materials is another aspect of our investment focus. Perpetual Next’s access to key companies means that it’s got a unique starting position for generating long-term yields for the investors in this area.”