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We are Perpetual Next

There is an infinite source of organic waste out there. Perpetual Next creates perpetual value by turning this organic waste into high-quality products and services. From food waste to green gas. From paper sludge to sustainable heat. From pruning waste to high-grade carbon.  

With our products and services, we make industries and businesses around the world more sustainable in their journey towards 2050 by generating more value from waste and eliminating fossil carbon. 

Our mutual journey towards 2050

The biggest challenge and also the biggest opportunity for humanity is to reduce climate change. The way we produce, use and dispose our products is responsible for 45% of the world’s total emissions. We have to bring emissions down to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Our three divisions (Trading, Conversions and Technologies) focus on the valorization of organic waste streams into sustainable use to reduce waste and meet the growing demand for biobased products. In this way, we get returns from organic waste streams, while reducing pollution and the demand for fossil fuels.

We operate long-term assets and businesses to fulfil Perpetual’s infinite mission that no biobased materials becomes waste.

Martijn van Rheenen, CEO Perpetual Next

Our Products & Services


Perpetual Next Trading focusses on the market of organic waste streams. The Trading division sources organic raw materials and trades biobased products and services in relation to its own conversion activities as well as third parties in the market.


Perpetual Next Conversions develops, invests in, owns, maintains and operates plants, which convert regionally available low value organic waste and residues into renewable bio-based energy fuels, services, chemicals and materials.


Perpetual Next Technologies, through its proprietary High Temperature Torrefaction technology, focuses on direct fossil carbon replacement in a wide variety of products and applications while making use of existing infrastructure and logistics.

Latest news

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September 15, 2021

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