The future is

We reduce, capture and store carbon to fight climate change.

What we do

The use of fossil fuels and deforestation increases the greenhouse effect. Our planet is heating up and the climate is changing, with all its consequences.

Perpetual Next is committed to fight climate change. We upgrade organic residual streams into high-quality products, so CO₂ does not end up in the atmosphere unused. We also plant trees, in 2021 as many as 1 million, so that CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere and stored in new forests.

Upgrading organic residues


Organic Residues

Your waste - the waste along the entire production chain - is our raw material. We focus on organic residual streams from food consumption, arable farming, livestock farming, and timber production. This way we prevent waste and ensure that CO₂ does not get into the atmosphere unused. We oppose practices such as deforestation or the import of wood from overseas. That's why we are always looking for certified, local, organic residues that are as sustainable as possible


Upgrading Residues

With our production facilities and technologies we upgrade organic residues of the lowest possible quality to sustainable products of the highest possible quality. Our digesters, boilers, and reactors are set to achieve maximum efficiency and quality with minimal emissions and environmental impact. We constantly work to improve and innovate our technologies and processes to minimize environmental impact even more.


High-Quality Products

We produce biogas and process heat for various industries. And we convert organic waste streams from the food industry into sustainable raw material for animal feed. We also use our torrefaction technology to produce high-grade carbon from cellulose waste streams. This carbon can be used as a soil conditioner in agriculture, for applications in biochemistry, and for storing carbon in sustainable products. 

1 million trees

We believe that there is not one single solution in the battle against climate change. Therefore, in addition to upgrading organic waste streams, we also focus on the storage of CO₂: Carbon Capture.

In 2021, Perpetual Next will therefore plant 1 million trees. We will do this on our own land and on land from landowners with whom we work, in the Netherlands and also in other European countries.

Join us

When it comes to carbon capture trees are the ultimate technology.

Martijn van Rheenen, CEO

Our ambition

Perpetual Next has a central office in Amsterdam and is currently active in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Estonia. Our ambition is to be the European market leader in upgrading organic waste and residual flows by 2030, and to take a leading position in the field of the natural storage of CO₂.

In the coming years, we will first scale up in our existing markets and production facilities. There we operate a vital infrastructure that cannot be stopped.

Our ambitions for 2030 and the further future are global in scale, but we will achieve them by pursuing acquisition and development policies in regions in which we are already active.