Production locations

Upgrading organic waste into high-value products 

From low-value to high-value. That's what we do in our production facilities. Using both our own and externally procured technologies, we give the lowest-grade waste streams the highest possible value. From organic waste streams to (industrial) heat, green gas and biocoal.

Our locations

Perpetual Next Dilsen-Stokkem

Energielaan 4
3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

Perpetual Next Duiven

Roelofshoeveweg 29
6921 RH Duiven
The Netherlands

Perpetual Next Ellesmere Port

EP1 Bridges Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4LB, United Kingdom

PN Conversions

Perpetual Next Moerdijk

Havennummer M064
Appelweg 6
4782 PX Moerdijk
The Netherlands

Perpetual Next Lelystad

Larserdreef 306
8233 HC Lelystad
The Netherlands

Perpetual Next Vägari

Rassi tee 11
Vägari, Jögevamaa

How we work

Perpetual Next has production facilities throughout Europe. We focus on the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and Estonia. In the coming years, we will scale up our existing production facilities, serving a vital infrastructure that needs to be operational at all times.

But we are also constantly looking for new acquisitions, in particular existing plants that we can make more sustainable. We do this by mapping out the local, organic residual streams. With our conversion techniques, we turn them into the highest-quality products possible.