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Perpetual Next

Working for the future

Climate change? Change it back! At Perpetual Next, you contribute to the fight against climate change. And collaborate to create a beautiful new industry.

We do this with a diverse team of colleagues who each work on solutions from their own area of expertise. From technical and sales to research & development. Based at one of our six production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Estonia and Poland, and at our office in Amsterdam.

Would you like to work in a passionate team and work daily on the transformation towards a fossil-free and circular economy? Apply for one of our vacancies today.

Our company culture

At Perpetual Next you will meet hard-working and driven colleagues with a fresh perspective. Colleagues who dare to see things that are not yet there. We are driven, experienced and with a healthy dose of optimism we get things done together. Because we see opportunities and continuously learn from and with each other. We inspire each other by listening carefully to new ideas and perspectives. In which we challenge each other, always paying attention to each other's health and safety.

As an engineer, I have always felt that there is beauty in the processes of the heavy industry, despite how dirty and pollutant it is. The motto of the company, For a beautiful new industry, gives me hope that one day only the beauty will remain, and everybody will see the industry as I do.

Technical Sales Manager Perpetual Next

Grow together with us

Whatever team you work in, you will grow with us! At Perpetual Next we have ambitious goals and we see that reflected in the teams and colleagues. Colleagues like to go the extra mile. We invite you to continually develop yourself by taking on new challenges, projects and roles. Do you see an opportunity? Name it and see how you can give it direction. With us, you never sit still. You organise your own learning process and are constantly challenged by developments at Perpetual Next. Will you grow with us?

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