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Our solutions to support our journey to Net Zero

We see it as our mission to support the heavy industry in the transformation to Net Zero. We offer fossil free solutions like our Perpetual Carbon, Perpetual Gas and our C-Vertr carbonisation technology.

Perpetual Carbon, our biocoal and biochar, has similar properties to fossil coal. Our high-quality carbon can partially or completely replace fossil coal in various industries and applications. 

Perpetual Gas, our biogas, has the same properties as fossil natural gas and can be injected directly into the natural gas network as a substitute. 

C-Vertr carbonisation technology, our unique carbon converter technology. It converts, in thermochemical conversion, low grade organic residues into a high-quality product. This is done in an oxygen-free environment. 

Our solutions

Perpetual Next - Perpetual Carbon biochar powder

Perpetual Carbon


Our biocoal is a renewable carbon product, which is developed and produced from sustainably sourced organic residual flows. It contains fewer pollutants than fossil carbon sources and can be used directly without CAPEX-intensive modifications to the production unit. Our high-quality carbon can partially or completely replace coal in the process industry.

Perpetual Next - Perpetual Carbon biochar

Perpetual Carbon


Only with CO2 reduction alone we will not achieve Net Zero, we also need to remove carbon. BCR (Biochar Carbon Removal) is one of the most fastest growing and promissing Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) solutions. Biochar consists of 70–90% pure and stable carbon. Biochar sequesters carbon that would otherwise be released into the air and stores it in soil for decades. Biochar contributes to the regeneration of depleted soils by housing micro organisms and retaining water and nutrients in the soil for a longer period of time. And biochar can be an answer to more problems.

Perpetual Next - Biogas

Perpetual Gas

Green gas

Perpetual Next is committed to a circular economy that is no longer dependent on fossil fuels, but on green raw materials. We use our technologies to convert organic residual flows into sustainable gases, such as biogas, syngas and green gas. Green gas has the same composition as natural gas and can be injected directly into the existing natural gas network.

Perpetual Next - Carbonisation technology

Carbonisation technology


Carbonisation is the thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-deficient environment. It generates a solid material with increased energy density and carbon content. Perpetual Next’s technology (C-Vertr) utilises indirect heated reactor technologies for carbonisation. The feedstock is heated to temperatures between 270ºC and 450ºC. The obtained product is a sustainable solid material (biocarbon) that has similar properties to fossil carbon. It can therefor help industries become fossil-free and improve the carbon footprint of industrial processes without time-consuming, capital-intensive investments in infrastructure.

We push the boundaries of what is possible

We upgrade organic residues to the highest possible application