Letter of Intent with Prażmów Municipality

July 21, 2023

Perpetual Next Bio-Conversions and Prażmów Municipality sign Letter of Intent for the implementation of organic waste management solutions

Prażmów, July 13, 2023 - Perpetual Next, the leading provider of sustainable bio-conversion solutions, and Prażmów Municipality have signed a letter of intent to collaborate on implementing Perpetual Next's innovative waste management solutions within the municipality.

The letter of intent, signed on July 13, 2023, establishes the mutual interest of Perpetual Next's Polish branch and Prażmów Municipality in establishing a joint venture. The primary objective of this partnership will be to implement cutting-edge technological solutions to optimize organic waste management within the Prażmów municipality. The organic waste streams will undergo  several specialized treatments, resulting in the production of renewable energy and products resulting in greater energy independence and improved waste management.. The heat and green energy generated will enable the municipality to reduce expenses and achieve greater energy independence.

Perpetual Next Bio-Conversions specializes in constructing and acquiring companies and facilities dedicated to converting low-quality organic waste into sustainable products, such as heat, green electricity, biogas, liquid CO2, green gas, and fertilizers. The company processes various types of organic waste, including trimmings, garden waste, and industrial food waste, utilizing a diverse range of optimized technologies to maximize efficiency.

"We are excited to join forces with Prażmów Municipality to revolutionize organic waste management in the region," said Rene Buwalda, CEO at Perpetual Next. "Our goal is to create a circular economy model that transforms waste into valuable resources, enabling the municipality to reduce costs and promote environmental sustainability. Through this collaboration, we aim to set a benchmark for other communities seeking innovative waste management solutions."

Both Perpetual Next Bio-Conversions and Prażmów Municipality are committed to finalizing the necessary agreements and launching the joint venture in the coming months. The partnership exemplifies a proactive approach toward sustainability, highlighting the shared dedication of the two entities to foster a greener future.