Perpetual Next Conversions and Neo Energy Group jointly invest in plants that convert organic waste into biogas

January 31, 2024

Perpetual Next and Neo Energy Group jointly invest in plants that convert organic waste into biogas

Perpetual Next Conversions and Neo Energy Group, two leading companies in the sustainable energy sector, have established a joint venture to build a network of biogas plants in Poland. With their extensive experience and project portfolios, they will together introduce innovative renewable energy solutions in Poland.

Neo Energy Group: Innovative projects for a sustainable future

With over 18 years of experience in the energy industry, Neo Energy Group is known for its success in wind and photovoltaic projects. After many successful ventures, such as wind farms in Marszewo and Tolkowiec, as well a major photovoltaic projects such as Przykona (200 MW), the company is currently developing projects with a total capacity of more than 1,000 MW. This includes a number of large-scale photovoltaic parks and wind projects. Neo Bio Energy, part of the group, is the largest producer of green energy from landfill biogas in Poland, with 30 power plants that have a combined installed capacity of 17 MW.

"Collaborating with Perpetual Next is a significant step in a new direction for us. Biogas plants present a tremendous opportunity for Poland to create a more sustainable waste economy, produce eco-friendly energy, and fuel of the future. Biogas plants represent a natural progression for us, enriching our portfolio. The experience gained in producing electricity and heat from landfill biogas is a significant asset. Combined with Perpetual Next's expertise in organic waste biogas production, it will enable us to swiftly implement advanced projects. We have ambitious plans for developing modern industrial biogas plants that will revolutionize the Polish renewable energy market," said Piotr Beaupré, Neo Energy Group.

Perpetual Next: expanding into the Polish market

In 2023, Perpetual Next decided to expand to the Polish market and recently announced a collaboration with the municipality of Prazmow in Poland to convert organic residual flows into biogas. In addition, Perpetual Next announced in recent weeks the opening of an office in the US and the entry into the Croatian market.

“Entering into a partnership with Neo Energy Group is an opportunity to introduce our modern solutions for biogas production to the Polish market. Poland is changing its approach to recycling and our presence in the market will ensure the rapid introduction of the latest and most efficient technologies” said Rene Buwalda, CEO of Perpetual Next Bio Conversions.

Shared goals and future prospects

Representatives of both companies emphasize that the aim of the collaboration is to set up a network of modern and highly efficient biogas plants. As frontrunners in their respective fields, they are confident that their combined experience and available resources will accelerate energy transformation in Poland. According to estimates by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MRiRW), based solely on agricultural resources, it is possible to extract more than 7.8 billion m3 of biogas (2 GW) annually. Taking into account resources from agriculture and food processing, this potential could even be twice as high, and is currently only being exploited to a limited extent. Biogas plants help address organic waste management issues by producing biogas through fermentation, which is then converted into heat, electricity or biofuels, including biomethane. The waste itself is converted into a natural, environmentally friendly fertilizer that is regularly used in agriculture.