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Primco Duiven drying plant will supply hot water for sustainable weed control

March 18, 2021

Drying plant Primco Duiven and The Green Solution have signed a heat supply agreement. With the hot water produced by Primco, The Green Solution supplies among others weed fighters. Weed control with hot water is by far the most environmentally friendly and effective solution at this moment. As a result, no chemicals disappear into the soil and burning away - which causes odour nuisance, more risk of fire and emissions - is a thing of the past.
Successful pilot in Amsterdam
Last summer, the municipality of Amsterdam already successfully fought weeds with hot water. That water was then supplied by Primco through its heat plant in Lelystad. In the meantime, more municipalities have shown interest in this method. "Hot water is cost-effective and sustainable," says Piet Binkhorst of The Green Solution. "Brushing and burning will always be used, but in combination with hot water. Burning and brushing cause a lot of damage to vehicles, hedges and buildings. That is not the case with hot water."
From low-grade waste to high-grade products
In the Primco power station in Duiven, potato and carrot peelings and other residual flows from the food industry are dried. The residue is used to produce animal feed, upgrading low-grade waste to high-grade products. The residual heat is then used to make hot water for The Green Solution. "In this way, you minimise energy waste and we deliver a product for an environmentally friendly purpose," says Buwalda of Primco. Because of circularity, the goal is to use only groundwater.
The Green Solution not only supplies hot water to companies specializing in large-scale weed control at municipalities, among others, but also for cleaning tank trailers, solar panels and production equipment in the food chain.