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Making the world cleaner and more sustainable

Dilsen-Stokkem is in Belgium. Close to the borders of Netherlands and Germany. This plant once started with a dream. Or better said: with a firm belief. A belief in a technology that can help make the world cleaner and more sustainable: carbonisation. And so, the team started to make this dream come true.

The plant is there. The technology works. In our plant we are able to use a broad variety of low-grade woody biomass. From forestry residues to used and treated wood. Input of various sizes and grades of feedstock so there is a minimal risk of feedstock shortage and cost increases. We only use low grade wood that is not suitable for production of products anymore.

Our carbonisation reactor produces high grade bio carbon (powder) that can replace fossil carbon. Our patented C-Vertr reactor with a rotary drum is doing the magic and works with indirect heating. with a rotary drum is using indirect heating and has optimal heat transfer. It is a self-sustaining process meaning the gasses that are released in the process are captured and re-used for the process. And there is an exhaust cleaning system to secure safe emissions.

Our Bio Coal is used to replace fossil coal for packing manufacturer VPK. 

The Production Center

The Belt Dryer