Ellesmere Port

Biogas from agricultural residues 

Perpetual Next Ellesmere Port is completed in November 2021. The facility consists of an organic waste digester that produces 4 million m3 biogas per year from agricultural residues. The biogas is upgraded to green gas, a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas, which is injected directly into Ellesmere Port's natural gas grid. The residual product from the biogas production (digestate), is used to make agricultural land more fertile.

In our plant in Ellesmere Port we use low grade animal residues. This can be waste from slaughter houses or animals that died from a natural death. We can upgrade any type of animal residue and this is what makes this plant unique. It offers a total solution to the waste processing industry. 

With our anaerobic digestion and rendering technology we make Bio-methane (green gas) and this is delivered to the grid. This replaces fossil gas and with that fossil gas emissions. our organic waste digester produces 4 million m3 biogas per year.