Heat from garden waste

In our Lelystad plant we use the lowest grade woodwaste (NTA8080) to create renewable heat. The woodwaste comes from landscaping and garden waste in the immediate vicinity of Lelystad. And from sick trees that had to be hooded or fell over in a storm. No higher-value product can be made from this waste.

We have optimized the plant in a way that the renewable energy 
that comes from the combustion process is at it’s most efficient. The heat is used for district heating and is delivered to Vattenfall, Ennatuurlijk and Green Solutions. It brings heat to 5.500 homes and six office buildings in the near environment.

This saves about 7.5 million Nm3 of fossil natural gas. In the future, even more households will be connected to the Lelystad heat network.

The plant's residual heat is used to produce hot water for a distributor for sustainable weed control and large-scale cleaning of production equipment in the food chain. This minimizes energy losses.