omr moerdijk


Food waste to biogas

In our Moerdijk plant we use low grade food waste as our feedstock. This includes expired food and dejected food that is labeled as not suitable for human or animal consumption. We also use 'swill', food waste from local restaurants.

The plant

In our plant we apply state of the art anaerobic digestion technology to upgrade the feedstock to biogas. This biogas is delivered to generate electricity and heat. The electricity is delivered to the local grid. The heat is transferred to companies in the Moerdijk business park. Like for example Bolsius who uses it to make candles. And the port authority who uses it to make sure the docks are free of ice.

In the future...

In the near future the biogas will be upgraded to bio-methane and delivered to the grid to replace fossil gas.

The digestate (what is left over after the anaerobic digestion) is used as a natural fertilizer in grapevines in France. Before shipping the digestate is dried and all the water is being cleared and re-used in our process again.

The proven anaerobic digestion technology is combined with unique inhouse developed features that make this a hyper efficient process with minimal waste. We are able to clean all food waste packaging, so the plastic leaves our plant with absolutely no waste on it.