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Perpetual Next in XPRIZE Top 60

Top 60 XPRIZE Carbon Removal

We are excited and honored to be qualified (out of 1,133 registered teams) as one of the Top 60 submissions of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal, funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation.  

This competition is aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity: fighting climate change and rebalancing Earths’ carbon cycle. It is the largest incentive prize in history, for carbon removal solutions.

Our solution was selected based on scientific validity and potential for achieving a fully operational carbon removal solution that is scalable to megatonnes and even gigatonnes CO₂.


Our approach: Putting CO₂ back in the soil with Perpetual Biochar

Our technology removes CO₂ directly from the atmosphere and locks it away in a durable and sustainable way that can scale massively. We do so by making high quality renewable carbon out of the lowest organic waste. We upgrade those low grade organic residues, containing carbon atoms, to renewable carbon in the form of biochar.  
When mixed with soil the biochar improves the soil fertility and increases agricultural productivity leading to lower use of fertilizers and higher yields. Other applications are as a filler material in concrete, thus creating carbon-negative concrete, or as a solid filler in abandoned mine shafts.

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Our belief. We would love the world to change forever the way raw materials are used, produced, consumed and wasted. Organic material should never become waste again!

Niels Wage, CEO Perpetual Next

Why we joined the XPRIZE Carbon Removal?

Perpetual Next’s ambition is to remove 1 gigatonne of CO₂ from the atmosphere before 2050. Joining the XPRIZE Carbon Removal is a fantastic opportunity to introduce our scalable carbon removal solutions to the world. It is not only about winning. The true goal in this competition is to collectively inspire and create real meaningful impact. Giving back to our earth and build on the roadmap to carbon negativity, not only carbon neutrality.

Our differentiators

Proven technology

Proprietary High Temperature Torrefaction technology

Perpetual Next has developed a unique High Temperature Torrefaction (HTT) technology that can produce sustainable renewable biochar on an industrial scale.

Strong team

With a track record in international climate tech

Currently over 100 people work at Perpetual Next in five different countries. With us, you will meet hard-working, driven colleagues who dare to see things that are not there yet. 

We democratize carbon removal

Creating our carbon removal legacy together

We will realize carbon removal with local commitment by using smaller mobile units that enable local farmers to use their own agro-residues. Every farmer and forester in the world can create their own carbon-removal legacy with our biochar.

No more waste

Organic material is no longer waste, but valuable feedstock

Ensuring no organic waste is wasted, by giving all organic waste and residues a high quality destination – that's part of Perpetual Next's infinite mission.

No energy needed

Our self-sustaining technology

The High Temperature Torrefaction technology is energy efficient and thermally self-sustaining.

What inspired Perpetual Next to join the XPRIZE Competition?

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