Perpetual Next at Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expo in Bremen

October 22, 2021

Perpetual Next had a stand at the Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expo in Bremen on 20 and 21 October to promote its sustainable carbon. The company makes this Perpetual carbon with its patented torrefaction technology and is the only one in the world that can produce it on an industrial scale.
“Paris” seems far away
It is in stark contrast to the report that The Guardian opened with on Wednesday: "Planned fossil fuel output ‘vastly exceeds’ climate limits, says UN".  This is in response to the report 'The Production Gap' by UNEP (UN Environment Programme) which shows that, despite international agreements, many countries are still planning to produce more than twice the amount of fossil energy than was agreed in the Paris Agreement by 2030.
Sustainable carbon
Perpetual Next provides an alternative for fossil raw materials and therefore travelled to the expo in Bremen (where more than 2,000 colleagues meet) to draw attention to its sustainable Perpetual carbon. The company is currently the only one in the world that can produce high-quality carbon from biogenic waste streams on an industrial scale via torrefaction. This enables steel giant ArcelorMittal, among others, to produce green steel. Perpetual Next wants to serve companies that depend on carbon atoms and does not make its high-quality product available for energy purposes.
Want to know more about Perpetual Next's torrefaction technology? Then take a look on our website.